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#22 Milo che disegna la gentilezza.

Text by Monia Scarpelli, Illustrations by Marco Terzi

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Authors and Photographers

Authors and Photographers of the series give their work for free.
We ask to the authors to comment on the term Kindness according to their sensitivity and their sector. The works submitted by photographers emphasize and amplify the ideas expressed by the authors, thus giving more strength to the message and allowing a quick and safe use of the same.

Special Edition: World Kindness Movement

This is an ambitious project: Describe Kindness in the world. Thanks to the endorsement of the World Kindness Movement we already have following participating countries: Australia – Canada – China – South Korea – France – India – Italy – Malaysia – Nepal – Nigeria – Switzerland – Thailand – United States.

Gentletude has UNESCO’s partnership


In 2015 the editorial series won the prize