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Kindness is not a decoration that can be left aside as the colored paper of a package, but a delicacy that initiates and maintains alive people and feelings around the world, without limits of territory, race, creed or language.

We decided to give life to an ambitious project: Describe the Kindness worldwide.

Thanks to the endorsement of the World Kindness Movement we already have following participating countries: Australia – Canada – China – South Korea – France – India – Italy – Malaysia – Nepal – Nigeria – Switzerland – Thailand – United States.

The project: is Kindness only one? Which meaning does our definition of Kindness have in other parts of the world? What are the ideas and the projects underway to make this world a better place?

We asked the participating countries:

The definition of Kindness in their own countries. How it is concretely expressed. What are the main dimensions on which the accent is placed (education, training, awareness…). How can Kindness be spread, which are the levers, which are the long-term projects and dreams for the future.

The texts will be published and distributed free of charge through the series Gentlebooklets. Our hope is that other people in other parts of the world will have the enthusiasm to participate to this fantastic adventure, creating a Kindness movement in their own countries.

Would you like to know more about the meaning of Kindness? Read this article by Leslie Cameron-Curry and Renato Lavarini (only in Italian): Dizionario della Gentilezza“.