• Frequency: every 4 months
  • Languages: Italian and English
  • Format: pdf, e-pub and flip online booklet.

GentleBooklets is a series of long-form articles assigned to different authors. We ask the authors to donate their point of view about the term Kindness according to their sensitivity. The authors, both writers and photographers, give their contribution for free. The intentions of the project lie in the Gentletude’s mission, that is the will to spread greater awareness about the need of ‘Kindness’ in our society, so focused on personal success that it is easy to forget the basis of living together and the respect for the Environment where we live in. The choice of an editorial project as instrument to reach the association’s objectives is due to the awareness that is necessary to present concrete examples  in order to stimulate people to reflect about this concepts. In this case, the examples will be given in the articles written by the authors.

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