In 1904 Giuseppe Carra decided, together with Luigi Vaghi, to launch a photo studio in Parma, in via Garibaldi. It rapidly became well known for their professionalism.
In 1934, Carra’s sons, Walter and William, after finishing their training, funded the studio “Foto Fratelli Carra” located in piazzale Cervi.
Both Walter and William retired in the mid 1960s, while Claudio, William’s son, continued his family’s business with his wife Paola. In the late 1980s they began to work with Alessandro and Roberta, Claudio’s children, who by that time, had opened their own studio.
In 1997, Foto Carra opened a new studio in via Picasso and in 2004, we exhibited at the San Ludovico gallery supported by the Municipality of Parma. The show was called “The Carras’ eye. A century of images of the city of Parma”. The exhibition was visited by more than 9,000 people and included images of the city and its citizens.
Although the studio is over 100 years old, they have always kept themselves up to date with technology and today only use digital equipment, however Carra uses Photoshop only to benefit the image.
Alessandro, the current owner of the photo studio, was born with “the film” and has worked both with the optical stand and with the legendary Hasselblad.
According to Carra, “photography” always means “writing with light”.

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